Waste Cover

Posi-Shell is the most effective, versatile and cost-efficient landfill daily cover system on the market

Your Challenge

Landfill operational costs are ever increasing with the use of large machines, more labor and more fuel required to get the most out of cell life when utilising bulky landfill soil covers. Space is the most valuable commodity and operational costs continue to increase. The solution is Posi Shell landfill daily cover. 

Our Solution

The Solution is Posi-Shell landfill daily cover.

Posi-Shell® alternative daily cover when mixed with water or leachate, produces a spray-applied mortar that dries in the form of a thin durable stucco. Regardless of the weather, Posi-Shell® daily cover adheres to any surface and is effective in wet and dry forms.

Posi-Shell®'s unique properties enable the use of durability enhancers to achieve long-term coatings that remain erosion resilient for more than a year.

  • Posi-Shell Exceeds regulatory requirements for daily and intermediate landfill covers
  • Posi-Shell Delivers massive landfill operational and airspace savings
  • Posi-Shell Kills working face odours on contact
  • Posi-Shell Addresses a multitude of additional landfill challenges


In addition to the huge airspace savings generated by replacing bulky soil covers, Posi-Shell® landfill cover also delivers significant daily savings in labor, equipment maintenance, and fuel when compared to typical soil operations. While Posi-Shell® can be completed with one operator alternating between a towing unit and an LSC Applicator, most soil operations require personnel manning expensive loading, hauling, and spreading equipment for many more hours.

Using Posi-Shell® landfill cover is affordable in your existing landfill budget as it allows you to reduce equipment usage and manpower hours. Along with these benefits you can also address other landfill challenges with this one system.

Posi-Shell® is the most effective, versatile, and cost-efficient alternative daily cover (ADC) system on the market.

Nothing, including soil, can match Posi-Shell®'s ability to exceed daily cover requirements for litter, vectors, scavenging, fire, and especially odors. The Posi-Shell® cover system also prevents leachate breakouts and dramatically improves landfill gas extraction by eliminating barriers left behind by soils or other ADC's.

With over 20 years of success at both large and small landfills around the world, Posi-Shell® has the demonstrated ability to deliver game-changing savings in airspace and operations cost.

Posi-Shell®'s unique physical properties enable the use of durability enhancers to achieve long-term coatings that are quick to apply, aesthetically pleasing, and highly resistant to erosion. While similar to daily cover, our intermediate cover is harder and typically thicker than our short-term

Posi-Shell® coatings while still offering massive savings in airspace and operations cost when compared to standard 300mm soil applications.

Posi-Shell®'s mineral foundation offers a natural filter uniquely effective at controlling landfill odours. No cover system, including soil or other ADC's, comes close to the odour suppression performance of Posi-Shell®. Landfill managers around the world rely on Posi-Shell® to keep the peace with neighbours and regulators.

For challenging odours generated by sewage sludge, landfill excavations, or composting operations, our innovative Odor-Shell® product can be used independently or in conjunction with Posi-Shell®. Unlike systems that attempt to address airborne odours, Odor-Shell® is topically applied using three synergistic mechanisms of sealing, filtering, and neutralising to kill odours before they become a problem.

The high solids content of our Posi-Shell® coating is perfect for extinguishing "hot loads" or dealing with challenging internal landfill fires. Posi-Shell®'s natural mineral foundation is intrinsically non-flammable and WILL NOT ignite even under direct and sustained exposure to a torch. Additionally, our PSA series of applicators is specifically designed for landfill topography and provides operational access that water trucks or fire departments simply cannot match.
Posi-Shell® can be precisely applied from a distance, making it uniquely effective in controlling windblown litter and flagging at landfills of any size. On windy days, nothing beats our mobile ECA unit as part of a daily housekeeping process. Positioning any of our applicators at the working face allows operators to blast waste to the ground as it is blown from dumping vehicles. Posi-Shell® is also used effectively to eliminate windblown litter in rail haul waste operations.
In addition to Posi-Shell® being tremendously effective at controlling odours, dust, erosion and siltation, it also may be used as a precise marker for identifying pockets of gas escaping from a landfill. Posi-Shell®'s long-term formulations are designed to discolour if concentrated gases pass through them, assisting landfill operators in accurately locating active gas extraction wells or independent flares such as our Solar-Spark Vent Flares®
Our product formulations can be applied during light to moderate rain without any problem. However, if heavy rain (and we mean really heavy) is expected during application or before drying, Xtreme Rain Shield may be added to protect the application under these conditions.