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Turf Maker

Turfmaker Hydroseeders Turfmaker Hydroseeders - Outstanding Performance, Durability and Value Turfmaker is one of the pioneers of the hydroseeder, they have been manufacturing hydroseeders for over 35 years. Turfmaker hydroseeders are manufactured using quality components and have been designed to apply the thickest hydroseed slurries available. Continuous improvement over the years has resulted in a…
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Hydromulch Products

Hydromulch Products tailored to your jobWhether you are Hydro-seeding or applying hydromulch we have a range of hydromulch products that are designed and tested for all erosion control and revegetation applications. Sourced from the industry leaders our hydromulch product range has been independently tested and the results are proven. If you have a specific hydromulch…
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Waste Cover

Posi-Shell is the most effective, versatile and cost-efficient landfill daily cover system on the market Your Challenge Landfill operational costs are ever increasing with the use of large machines, more labor and more fuel required to get the most out of cell life when utilising bulky landfill soil covers. Space is the most valuable commodity…
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